Cooking a hobby or a duty

Why Cooking is important

fruits“Jaisa ann waisa mann” is a well said phrase in Hindi which means that your mind is what you eat. Food is a very essential part of a person”s life. Some people eat to live but most of us live to eat. Every child starts learning to cook at a very early age, even if they are not cooking much but learn to make basic things like a toast or sandwich. Why do we cook food? Scientifically speaking, food is cooked to make it tastier, easy to digest, kill harmful bacteria and to give variety but cooking should be a hobby more than a duty.

The person cooking food should enjoy doing it and should have good and positive feelings while cooking. The feelings of a person play a very important role in cooking. If the cook takes pleasure in cooking and is happy and gay then the people eating that food will also be happy and gay but on the other hand if the cook takes cooking as a duty or a job and is irritated while doing so then these feelings are also transmitted to the consumers.

Considering a mother as a cook, you will observe that all of us enjoy the food prepared by our mother the most, not because she puts some special spice in it but because she adds the rarest ingredient ”her love” in it. This love makes her food so tasty and also brings you close to her. No two persons can make a recipe exactly the same even if all the ingredients given to them are the same. Commonly, tea in India is made only with water, milk, sugar and tea leaves but still the tea made by every individual tastes different.

All of us enjoy eating out but its alright to eat outside food once in a while. Eating at home is always more hygienic and also helps in strengthening the family bond. “The way to a man”s heart is through his stomach” is an old adage but the way to almost everyone”s heart is through their stomach. Wife or girlfriend is angry; take her out for a candle light dinner, children have scored good marks; buy them a pizza, want a promotion from your boss? Invite his family for dinner. Difficult situations can be handled easily just by giving a treat.

Working women who depend on their maids for cooking food should at least make one dish for the family every day, weekend or whenever she has some free time. Other family members like the husband or children can also cook once in a while. If they do not enjoy cooking and consider it to be a duty then it”s better to at least sit together with the family and eat food. Eating together is a good stress buster.

Written by — Muskaan Nayyar




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