Where and when do we stop learning?

Learning is a continuous process. Everyday and every moment of our life teaches us something new. No man can know everything but can at least try to learn as much as possible. There is no age limit for learning. Since the last few years I have been visiting a renowned college which offers post graduation diploma courses, as an invigilator during their examinations. It is amazing to see students of all age groups – from fresh graduates to students above 55-60 yrs of age. Here the ratio of females is more than that of males. Probably the reason can be because ladies seem to be more open to learning then men.

During the examination I have to be very vigilant because these grown up students also have the tendency to cheat. I personally have never understood the concept of cheating. For me “CHEATING is like someone is vomiting words and the other person is eating the vomit up.” It sounds horrible but is true. Today I noticed a student with a long chit hidden in her sari which she was very conveniently using. She was not a young girl but a married woman having two children. Now, if such mothers have no moral ethics themselves, what values are they going to impart to their children?

Most of the parents who are “marks” oriented unintentionally force their children to use wrong means to score marks. The children are so scared of getting less marks that they prefer cheating to gain good marks. Parents have to realise that having knowledge and being able to apply that knowledge is more important than gaining high scores. As a mother, I have always clarified it to my daughter that I prefer less marks from her than marks gained by cheating.

Earlier, having a house, car, television, telephone was a prestige issue but now-a-days having a child who scores above 95% marks is a prestige issue. You will be surprised to know that even the parents of pre-primary students argue with their child”s teacher for grades. These tiny tots have just started going to school and have much more than A B C D to learn in life. They are blank hard disks and grasp everything thing very easily. If the parents teach their child to celebrate success then its the parents responsibility to teach their child to face failures too but before that these parents themselves have to learn to face the failure of their child.

We all have to realise that no human being is perfect but we can all strive and work hard to be at least close to perfection. So learn from everything that happens in your life and everything around you. REMEMBER NOBODY KNOWS EVERYTHING BUT EVERYBODY KNOWS SOMETHING and this is the something that we have to learn.

Written by — Muskaan Nayyar






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