What kind of education for kids is important?

school education

What kind of education should I give my?  Which school should I send my child to? These are questions that arise in the minds of every parent today. As parents, we know why education is so important and want to choose only the best for our children.

Which is why whenever anyone talks about the education, the very first thought that strikes our minds is, “That which will help our kids to earn a lot of money and status in society.”

However, let us put that thought aside and think about this — although formal education is very important for the survival of our children as well as ourselves; it is as important for all of us to learn how to live in life.

A simple task like driving a car needs formal education with training and theory, following which, we are required to take a test to prove that we are fit to drive in line with the rules.

Did we get any of the same training on how to live our lives? In today”s day and age, most of us are like a new driver who learns only some basic rules and has very little training on how to drive. But the only way to thoroughly know how to drive is by breaking the rules, making mistakes, and learning from them.

When we are so concerned about something as simple as driving a car and we are aware of the consequences of not having a formal training on it … why is it that we do not think in the same manner when it comes to how we live our lives?

In my humble opinion, life is like driving a car. Only, it is the most important drive that one will take and formal education for it should be provided starting from a young age, with teachers who have the knowledge and experience in the field.

When this kind of training is available for each one of us, rest assured there will be minimum accidents and driving on the road of life will be a pleasure for each one of us.

This is the education everyone needs in today’s date.

PS. Don’t forget that the ultimate aim of everyone to earn money and be successful is to be happy and this kind of education will fulfill the main aim.








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