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Marriage relationships are like a ladder

Marriage is like a ladder they say; here goes the logic if it may be called logic at all –

The 2 sticks are the pillars; man and woman who while on their own, can stand, but are unable to support the weight of anything else.

Once they begin to bond, the steps or the wooden rods begin to emerge and the relationship flourishes. Bear in mind that if the rods are too far apart, nobody can climb up easily, and if they are too close without any space, it would make it impossible to climb.

And so the wisdom goes like this – BONDING and letting your partner have their SPACE is equally important in a relationship. It is then that the relationship will grow, and climbing the stairs to success will be very easy.

Always remember, the most important condition that this ladder needs is the stable support against which it stands; and that, comes only with The Source, and it is The Source of all life which is the life support of all relationships.

Written by — AJ






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