How to make iPhone ringtones with iTunes?

Making iPhone ringtones is a 5 step process , its easy and works like a charm. Do not listen to all those people who say it can”t be done… just follow the steps “You can do it.”

To make Ringtones for the iPhone just follow the steps below.

1. Convert the track (song) in AAC format.

Select the song, then Right click to get the menu choose “Create ACC Version”

2. Setting the time of the ringtone. ( the time can be no more then 39 sec)

Select the ACC version of the song created in the earlier step. Right click and choose “Get info”. A window will popup with tabs labeled “Summery” “Info” “Video” “Sorting” “Options” “Lyrics” “Artwork” , Select Options , Fill in the “start time” and “End time”  Make sure its no more than 39 seconds.  Click “ok”.

Put the Start and End time.

3.Convert the track in AAC format.

Follow the same instructions on step 1 to now convert the already ACC version of the track but with the Start time and End time in place.

4. Copy the new converted track to your computer.

Right click on the newly converted track select copy and paste it in your ringtone folder or any folder you like.

5. Renaming the track

The file pasted in folder has an extension “.m4a” change this to  “.m4r” .  In case you don”t see the extensions in the folder follow the steps at the end of this article.

6. Adding files to iTunes.

To add files to iTunes click on “File” at the top left corner and select ” Add File to Library” . Check your ringtone folder from the left menu in iTunes. The iPhone ringtone is ready to be synced to your iPhone.

PS: In case in step 5 you don”t see the extensions.  Control Panel- Appearences and Personaliztion- Folder options- View- unselect (untick) Hide extensions for known file types.






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