Why was cutting nails at night considered bad luck.

In the good old days, cutting nails at night was something to scream and shout about!! My Granny would say “How can you even think of cutting your nails at night?? Bad luck….absolutely NOT!!!”  Then she would be muttering something under her breath…something that I would not understand, but surely comprehend that I should just forget about it….and leave it when the morning comes around…..

Why is that?? Why can”t we cut our nails after dark?? I had to finally sit her down to get the logic of this…..and this my friends is what I got….PURE SUPERSTITION…..I was not buying the so-called “BAD LUCK!!” just because I was told to!!!  So I did a little investigating and found out that the theory behind it was simple…..”Not Enough Light”…of course you must keep in mind that “old wives tales” formed in the good old days was way way back…when not all the luxuries of life was easily available…and that included light!! 

The only reason for our Granny’s not allowing us to cut our nails was insufficient light, and that just in case we hurt ourselves by cutting too deep into the skin…so it was better to wait until the day to cut with enough light shinning down so to avoid accidents!!! 

Hmmmm….wonder if we dig deep enough into the “old wives tales treasure chest” what would be next……”Biting your nails will cause a Tree of dirty worms to grow inside your stomach”????  Interesting……

Written by Reshma Sakhrani






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