Kids Responsibility – not only a woman”s Domain

It’s a pride for a lady to become a mother. The power of giving birth to a child is the best gift of nature to a woman.

A child is a part of the mother’s body and the bonding starts from the day the lady conceives. She feels the child inside her for 9 whole months.

After delivery too, the mother nurses the child and feeds him. She gradually weans him off and helps him grow into an independent person. A mother and child relationship is the most selfless relationship but rearing the child is not only a woman’s domain. Even though the father does not carry the baby in himself, the child is still a part of the father too and needs both his parents.

Since ages men have been earning money for the family and the women taking care of the family but in today’s world, where women are in no field behind men and are very ambitious too, can’t a father share the kids responsibility? If the lady has better paid and more secured job than the man, there is no harm in migrating with the lady to her work station. Here, a man just doesn’t like to accept the fact that his wife can earn more than him. It’s a big ego hassle. Most of the men don’t allow their wife to work outside home because they fear that if she becomes financially independent she might not take his tantrums. So she is forced to quit her job and be a homemaker.

A homemaker might not necessarily be a lady. A man can also be a home-maker. He can also rear the children and take care of the house. If a lady can quit her job and be a home-maker why can’t a man? Sounds weird to you? Most of the men and women both work and the house and children are managed by maids. A child needs his parents love, time and attention more than their money.

If the mother can earn enough money to satisfy the needs of the family then the man should take care of the house and kids responsibility. Not that he should not work to earn at all but he can do something from home or at times when the children are away.

Some children are reared by the grandparents while their son and daughter-in-law work. No problem at all. Grandparents love their grandchildren more than their own children. However some mother-in-laws feel that they are obliging their daughter-in-law by taking care of her child. This is the worst feeling and should not even touch the grandparents mind. They should understand that the child belongs to everybody and that it is not only the mother’s job to take care of the children. Here, I do not expect only the grandparents to understand this but also the parents should realise this because if they have reared you so well then they can bring up your children better than you can.

A child is like wet clay and can be moulded the way you want him to. When a child is born he does not demand the best clothes or room or food, it is we who teach them everything. Both the parents should nurture their child with good values and make them responsible human beings. I would again like to mention that your child needs you more than the luxuries you give him.

Written by — Muskaan Nayyar





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