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Mothering -The ultimate thankless job on planet earth!

“What do you do at home the whole day?” asks my husband Atul to me. Most of the Indian housewife have heard these lines from their husbands. A man feels that he works much more harder than his wife because he is the bread earner of the family. It’s not easy for a business man to go out, talk to all types of people, sell his product, get the money, manage the staff, the bills and much more. For a person into service, life is all the more difficult. He has to reach the office in time, handle his boss, his colleagues and fulfill the assigned target too. He also has to make sure that he performs well to have a secured job and in turn a regular income.

So if working outside the house is so difficult, is Mothering – taking care of the house and family an easy job? Men feel that their wife does not have much to do at home and can relax once everyone leaves for work and school. For such men, it would be really nice to just peep into their homes one day and see the way their wife slogs. From the minute she wakes up in the morning till the time she goes to bed at night, she is on her toes. Women are all-rounders, they don”t just do one particular work but do all types of jobs like cooking, cleaning, washing, rearing her children, teaching them, driving them to and fro from their classes and almost everything that makes her family happy.

This is not the case only with homemakers but also with working women. In spite of working out and earning money she has to do all the house work too. If a lady has helpers at home, its not easy to handle them, their timings and their tantrums. Good helpers are only Blessings in disguise and a lady considers herself very lucky if she gets good assistance. These helpers are always additional help and never can they be substitutes of a homemaker. One has to take out work from them.

In case of children, there can never ever be an alternative to a mother. Baby sitter is only an option and not a substitute. A child needs his parents, their love, care and attention. If babysitters reared the children like mothers then rich families would have many children.

Apart from cooking and cleaning, the most important job of a mother is to nourish and rear her children into good human beings. She should inculcate good moral values in them to make them responsible citizens of their country. These values cannot be taught in a day or two. It is imparted from the moment the child is born till he/she grows. An Indian child carries only his father”s name but mother”s values. Fathers who realize how important their presence is for their child also help their wife in rearing wonderful children.

Women can work outside and earn money for the family but normally men are not efficient enough in taking care of the house chores. A man is lucky if he has a wife who takes care of all the family needs. My mother rightly says, “A husband”s job is to earn money but it”s a wife”s job to use, save and channelize that money.” Remember a man can make a HOUSE but only a woman can make it a HOME. So, men before asking your wife, “What do you do the whole day?” please think twice or else one day when God is in a mood to laugh, he might just put you into their shoes, for you to realize that being a HOUSEWIFE is the most difficult and the most THANKLESS job in this world.

Written by — Muskaan Nayyar







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