Perfect recipe for a successful relationships.

“I LOVE YOU” are the 3 words most frequently used amongst couples. Commonly, everyone uses these words liberally before marriage & a year or two after but rarely after having children. Life becomes too busy to just stop by and say “I LOVE YOU” to your partner. Some people who are not very expressive or shy to show their feelings hardly use these three magical words. Of course they have an explanation for their partner too, “Do I really need to say it?” “Don”t you understand how much I Love You?” or “If you really love me, you should understand my feelings. Actions speak louder than words.” Believe me I have never seen a person who doesn”t like to hear these words. Many people get goose bumps when they hear it, no matter what age they are in, they always feel special when these words are uttered to them with true feelings.

If you really & truly love someone there is no harm in expressing your feelings specially couples after a few years forget to do so. Love is like a cell phone battery which needs, not daily but regular charging. Now, if you feel that it”s not really essential to do so then I request you to please at least give it a try. Let me know if you feel the change.

Now what I really want to know that is LOVE the only factor which a person looks for in a relationship. I feel there should be much more than only LOVE in a relationship. A perfect relationship (which rarely exists) is based on TRUST, RESPECT, LOVE and COMPANIONSHIP.

TRUST: This according to me is the most important factor. If a person loves me 100% but does not trust me then the love does not mean much to me.

RESPECT:Many Indian women have experienced that their partner loves her a lot and trusts her too but does not respect her. Every human being has self-esteem which needs to be satisfied by the partner. Doesn”t it feel disgusting to hear ”I LOVE YOU” when he is in a good mood and then being humiliated because his mood has changed due to some silly reason? I personally would prefer to be respected more than being loved.

In families with children, it is mandatory for all elders to respect each other because if they fail to do so how can we expect the children to respect their elders. This I have also discussed on in my article “Teaching-No more a noble profession”. Men too, love to be respected more than being loved. They themselves are not very generous in giving it but demand due respect for themselves. Can you gain anything without giving? There cannot be trees without seeds.

COMPANIONSHIP: Every individual should feel comfortable, relaxed and safe in the company of his/her partner. One should look forward to spend time and be together. Partners should find time for each other and not avoid each other. If you really love someone and that persons company, you will surely take some time out from your busy life for that person. Couples who enjoy each other”s company generally never get attracted to anybody else and maintain a cool family life.

Written by — Muskaan Nayyar








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