Rangoli Symbolism was used as a signal

Do you have a question in mind about Why rangoli was such and important part of the Indian culture.
Why it was decorated every morning and every evening outside the houses?
In India the custom of putting Rangoli at the entrance door of the house has a particular significance. In India it is customary to accept guests at any time. The ‘ATITHI’ meaning guest also means ‘ having no time’ thereby meaning that the coming of the guest is not fixed and the host has to be prepared to accept guests at any time.

All will agree that to receive guests at any time would be difficult, hence, some symbolic sign, for the society, was required  to know that the guests can be received in the house or otherwise.

Rangoli got its significance for the purpose. The lady of the house, after completing cleaning of the house in the morning and after taking bath, herself puts the rangoli at the entrance of the house. The rangoli put at the entrance of the house is symbolic sign, that the inmates of the house are prepared to accept guests.

The Rangoli is made of Rice flour and so it is a kind of feed (annadanam)  to small creatures.

Written by — Indrakumar Advani






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