The different types of Yajnas in the GITA

What are the different types of Yajnas mentioned in the Gita?

Yajnas in the Gita are basically scarifices, oblation or offering that one makes in his life. Most people think of material offerings, Whereas the Gita is a book of the self and  the mind. Most of the things written in the Gita is to promote the union of the mind with the intellect and ways of detaching the mind from the Body consciousness.

Deva Yajnas 

The five illuminations form color sound smell taste n touch offering.World of objects is paying a devoted tribute to the power senses. The five senses are the instruments of the Divine Self offering them selves to the Higher Self.

Brahma Yajna

Offer the self as a sacrifice by the self in the fire of the self. Offering the Body, Mind and Intellect to the Divine Self.

Path of Self control

Offer the 5 senses in the fire of restraint is the Path of Self control – controlling the stimuli at the gateway of the senses.

Yoga of self restraint

Path of mind control is controlling the mind completely and withdraw it totally from. The sense-center.inner mental level. All the activities of the sense organs and the organs of action r offered in to the knowledge kindled fire of right understanding. Control of the ego by the the better understanding of the divine reality.

Dravya Yajna

Serving the world as best as we can with all that we possess physically , mentally and intellectually is the noble sacrifice called wealth sacrifice.Inner treasures love,kindness, sympathy and affection are the greatest wealth we possess.

Tapo Yajna

Fasting – taking care of intakes. Not only food but also the mental intake.

Yoga yajna

Our Growth. An earnest attempt of the lesser in us to grow into a better standard of diviner living.

Swadhyaya yajna

The daily deep study of the scriptures. Self-study, introspection pursued for understanding our own inner weaknesses.

Jnana yoga

The sacrifice of the Ignorance. Renounce all his ignorance into the fire of knowledge kindled by him in him. Negation of false self and assertion of the real nature of the self

The last 5 is for a person with rigid determination

The types of yajnas are only for quitening the mind which will help purify the mind for better contemplation.

Without self effort nothing can be achieved.

12 different roads to reach the same goal.

Just like sleeping we can sleep anywhere anyhow the experience doesnot change it”s still the same experience of sleeping.







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