Consumerism is an addiction engulfing everyone.

ipad, playstation, watches,ipodMost people in today’s 21st century are addicted to various things. As a result, it may be said that people will buy just anything, regardless of whether they need it, or not. People feel the need to be in trend; whether in practice or in ownership of objects for two main reasons: In order to establish a status symbol, or, to have it all. Either way, both reasons are to boost one’s ego.

As the world progresses, the necessity to have “what’s new,” the latest or the most innovative things or objects which are not an utmost necessity to life seems to be increasing.

This desire to be a part of an exclusive club or circle of people who own the newest of things or who practice the latest of trends can be called consumer addiction

In today’s material-ridden world, in many cases, victims of consumer addiction end up spending money they do not have on objects that they can do without. With the facility of a credit card and easy credits, it is not uncommon for people to go blind on the heavy interest rates attached to the plastic money, ruining family economy and stability.

While much is being done about various addictions: drug, drinking, internet, sex, and eating; people have yet to realize that Consumerism is an addiction that doesn”t only affect the consumer, but also affects the family constitution as a whole as members of a family begin identifying themselves with the things they have, or are doing; drowning themselves in the wave of consumer addiction, forgetting about basic human principles and values which make up a person.

As we live in a materialistic world, it would be virtually impossible to live (on a non-spiritual level) without the desire, even a minute one, to possess the latest objects. However, by staying grounded, one can keep a stable mind and think clearly, without getting lost in the chaos of the universe.

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