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Similarities between God Ganesha and a computer.

Similarities between God Ganesha and a computer.

This is what is said about God Ganesha the Hindu God who has a Elephant head but body of a human, as mentioned in the epic books of India he was not born.  His mother Parvati created him with the dust from her body. He had the head of an elephant, so his head was much bigger than his body. He was very Intelligent and knowledgeable, he actually is the god of intelligence and knowledge. He moved around on a mouse and had four arms.  He was known for his appetite, you could keep on feeding him and he could keep on eating.

Does this ring a bell?

If he was not born, but made, then could he have perfectly been a machine. Similar to a computer he was intelligent and knowledgeable, the computer has a lot of data, that we turn into knowledge, stored in it.

Ganesh’s head was bigger than his body. The monitor which is at the higher end of the computer, comparable to the head, is much bigger than the body.

Ganesh’s Vaahan (the thing that helps it to move) around was a mouse, the thing that makes a computer work is a little thing called mouse.

He had four arms; they could have been extensions such as printers’ scanners or many more. Also these four arms could mean that he could do many more things than a normal human at a time, the same way a computer can multitask and process billions of codes at once.

Another point to be noticed is that you could keep on feeding God Ganesh, the same way a computer can store (be fed) billions and billions of data and it would store them (you could also compare that his belly, the place he “stored” his food is like a storage hardware or a database).

lord ganesha a computer


The last point to be noted is the fact that Ganesh’s has wide ears and a small mouth (interpreted as listen more and speak less), this relates to a computer as it cannot give you any results (answer) unless it processes all the data and analyzes it properly.

Coincidence or a fact?






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