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Why was a deck of Playing cards – interesting facts

Unknowingly the person who invented the Deck of Cards (Playing Cards as referred to often) had no clue that it would be that popular….Oh, don”t get me wrong…popular it was meant to be…but not by playing with it….but by going by it….it was invented to be used as a Calendar….Surprised Right…..well let me explain in a little more detail…..
The so-called Calendar, which we shall refer to as the Deck of Playing Cards so to avoid any confusion….

The Deck of Playing Cards is divided into two colours: Red and Black…to represent the two major seasons of the year, ie: Summer and Winter….For example:

Ace of Spades is bigger in denomination and therefore represents 1st January, and the

Spades represents: Winter.

Hearts represents Summer.

Diamonds represents Autumn

Clubs represents Spring.

okay, now that we”ve got all the seasons out of the way…you”re probably asking what”s next??

Well, the next step is to figure out how the cards add up to the days of the year!!! So….

There are twelve picture cards to represent twelve months of the year.  Fifty-two cards represent fifty-two weeks of the year.  A pack of  cards has four sets of thirteen cards each ranging from Ace to Kings.  So now you take one set of cards be it Hearts or Clubs, and start doing the math…add in the following manner…1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11 (which is known as Jack)+12 (which is known as Queen) and +13(which is known as King).  This all gives you a total of 91.  Now you multiply 91 x 4(representing the four different seasons) this gives you a grand total of: 364.  Now we have 365 days in our calendar, so this is where the Joker comes in…and voila….364 + Joker makes that 365 days of the year!!

Who would have ever thought that something created to help guide us through the year has become a device to cash in on that extra money at the CASINOs!!!! VIVA  LAS VEGAS!!!

Written by — Indrakumar Advani



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