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Here is a Daily Happiness Guide. Follow these 10 simple steps and work your way to a Successful, Prosperous and Happy life.


– Prayer is our connection to the DIVINE FORCE.
Our inner connection will be made by looking at ourselves. Knowing the kind of thoughts we think. Understanding our really nature.


– Love is our true nature.
In deed love is the only nature which is natural to us. Others are only pretentious. Love is unconditional, love that creates attachment, pain and suffering are conditional versions which is not our true nature.


– Any words or content that brings us to awareness.
Anything that will makes us aware of our selves. Reading about the great things people do helps us to believe that people like them exist. Especially in this world where the television shows and highlights a lot of negative behavior of people.


– What makes me unhappy, upset, disturbed
We always do cleaning of our houses, wallet, closets etc. Doing the cleaning of the mind and its thoughts is as important. Keep the thoughts that make us energetic and throwing away thoughts which are not important and not needed.


– to yourself
Being friendly to self would mean being helpful, not letting your self to anything. Helping yourself, as a friend would want the best for you.


– it is too short a day to be selfish – love means to give, give, and give alone.
Giving brings a smile to the face of the giver, the receiver and people who see the act.
Generosity is the key.


-it is the secret of perpetual youth ( keeps you young in spirit).
Play the game with enthusiasm. Become a kid. Play to the fullest.


– it is the music of the soul
when we are able to laugh without judgement, without inhibitions. Laughter is the medicine to every problem.


– it is the price of success
We have to work towards our goal. Working towards our goal gives us the forward energy. Work give us the satisfaction… and if we are not getting this feeling of satisfaction then we have to look again to find the work we should be doing.


-it is the secret of security.In the world we save material gains, but for the spiritual path we have to save our thoughts, our vision to secure our self.






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