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What does the word Satsang mean?

In wikipedia the literal meaning of satsang is Sat = True and Sang = Company it also defines satsang as “Company of the highest Truth.” Whenever this question arises  ” What does Satsang mean?” people give explanations like ” Being in the company of people who talk about the Highest Truth” , “being in the company of truly enlightened people.” , “listening to people talking about the higher power.” ,etc. Something that really touched me and made me go one step further with the deeper meaning of this word Satsang was “Realizing and being aware of our true nature which is Divine and always being in company of our true nature, our Higher Self, the big I”  the realization that we are nothing but divine. We are spiritual beings having a human experience instead of the contrary idea that we are human beings and finding our spiritual being . Realizing and always being aware of our divine nature is the ultimate goal of all human existence. The only purpose of this human life. In other words to always keep our focus on our divine nature is true satsang.






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