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Free international calls on BB with Viber

viberAt last BlackBerry received it’s free international calls app. Viber has been around for the last 2 yrs. Just recently they made this app available for BB.

Viber is a great application to make free mobile calls …. The most amazing part of this app is that the user doesn’t have to be using the app for a friend or a family to call. Just dial the number using viber free call and the person on the other end will hear their phone ringing just like a normal phone call … Once they answer, it will take the phone to the viber app and answer the call. The call uses wifi or the 3G connection of the phone to make or receive the call. Both parties should have viber installed on their phones to make a free international call.

This application has been around for iPhone and Android … Its a great success with them. Hoping it will do the same for Blackberry users too.

If you r a blackberry user n want to downlod this app here is the link.

Have fun with this app .

P.S The users of iPhone and Blackberry who don’t want to pay for the Whatsapp app can use this app instead cause it has the same messaging system like whatsapp.


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