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Be a Proud Housewife

Friends in all these years I have realized that whenever I ask any lady, this worldwide favorite question, “What do you do?” Either I get to know the profession she is into like– Doctor, Lawyer etc. etc. or if the lady is a housewife I get to hear
“No I don’t do anything”
“No I don’t work”
“I am JUST a Homemaker”.
Now my question is:
Is only earning money, WORKING?
A housewife works much more than a working woman. She toils day and night though her efforts are never acknowledged. It is the most thankless job and scarcely appreciated.
Moreover, how can a homemaker be JUST a housewife?
Being a Home Science Post Graduate, I understand that to be a good homemaker is the biggest responsibility of a woman which needs a lot of skill and talent. Friends, its far more difficult to handle family members than handling people at work because in worse conditions you can atleast quit your job but no matter how worse the condition at home you can never quit your family.
I know some working women who accept that if were to leave their job take care of their home and family, they would find it very difficult to survive.
So, my request to you all Housewife’s is that please don’t underestimate yourself and your work. If you leave an organisation, they will surely replace you within few days but your family will never get another you.
I want all the Home Science students to realize that we are the only people who can adapt ourselves in any conditions and are always open to learning. Home Science gives an opening to many careers like teaching, fashion Designing, nutrition etc.
Be a proud Home Science Student and a Proud Housewife.

Please let me know your idea and what can be done to give the Housewife’s the confidence that they are almost indispensable.


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