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How to make money from Home with

“Its easy to make money” You must have heard this sentence many times. But if you have any Skills you are aware of you can share them on this website. Sharing information is the most productive  way to make money, Just write about it and you can make money from home.

So what do you have to do , just write about what you already know.

When you write an article for Life1o1, You can place a google adsense ad in your article the revenues will be directly added to the writers Google AdSense account without delays.

Few things you will need to do before you start Making money from home.

Steps to Take

1. Most important opening an account with Google Adsense. ( making the way for the flow to your pocket)

Please visit Google Adsense
To register, if you already have a account with google you can activate adsense by logging in. If you don’t have a account with google you can register for free. Make sure Your name and address details are correct cause this is to whom the Checks and Money Transfers will be sent.

2. Making an account with, Which of-course is free.
Click here to register with Us.

3. Sending us a email to upgrade you as a writer.
You have to send us a message to upgrade you to a Article Writer on Life1o1. This is important cause we will need to contact you to be able to get your adsense code in our system so you can make money from home with it.

4. Writing the exclusive articles for yourself and us.

Last but the most important that’s going to bring the green fluid to the veins is the articles the stuff you are going to write. Few things to keep in mind while writing an article are

a) The article should be interesting, your own work and not a copy paste or someone else’s work.

b) The article should be 300 words and above and the theme should be clear.

Why write for Life1o1?

We already have our own stream of readers, So take advantage of that. Life1o1 website is already in the major search engines so you won’t have to work hard on getting people to read your article. But if you want to go the extra mile share the article with family and friends using all your social networks like facebook, twitter, Google+ etc.  Hope you have a great time writing articles and you don’t need to worry about programming and web designing. Just sit tight and make money from home and let Life1o1 take care of the rest.

If you need any further help contact us and we will be glad to help.





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