OM symbol

Aum is a simple 3 letter word with its symbol, called OM, a name given to the Infinite Divinity.

We can find the OM symbol of oneness in our scriptures, but to be able to attain it, we must understand what it stands for. One way to achieve this is by understanding the paths of the Trinity Deities – Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. With them, comes 3 things to practice and remember:

1) “Be the Creator of your Wisdom.”

Brahma the creator deity stands for creation with his wife Saraswati, the deity of knowledge for Wisdom.

2) “Preserve this Wealth of Wisdom that was Created.”

Vishnu the preserver deity stands with his wife Laxmi, the deity of Wealth.

And 3) ” This Wisdom will give you Strength to Destroy Ignorance.”

Mahesh(also known as Shiva) the destroyer, stands with his wife Parvati, who symbolizes strength (Shakti).

When put together, this is the message conveyed –

Create (Brahma) the Wisdom (Saraswati) and Preserve (Vishnu) that Wealth (Lashmi),  which will give you the Strength (Parvati) to Destroy(Mahesh) the Ignorance of EGO.

So what does OM signify?

In simple words it would mean that there are 3 steps to live a fulfilled life and to achieve that first one needs to work on raising their Wisdom which will make them the creators of their life. By preserving and increasing the wisdom they will be able to create a life of success, prosperity and wealth. This wisdom will also help them to destroy all the ignorance, anger and ego in their life and they will live a strong, joyful, enthusiastic, loved life. Which is the purpose of all living beings.





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