mario bros

Life is like the game of Mario Bros.

Mario BrosWhen I was young my sister and me played Mario Bros everyday. Each day was a struggle to get to new stages and new worlds in this game, although we were too excited for the new stages and new worlds they became more and more difficult as we progressed. Have you ever played the game Mario Bros on the Nintendo? If you have you will understand how this game is so similar to LIFE.

There are certain rules to the game. You are given a certain number lives before Mario Bros is sent to the beginning of the stage. There are obstacles on his way he has to learn to jump over them or kick them off. Everything Mario touches brings coins or goodies unless he touches something that is not to be touched then he looses his powers or his life. Some of them are not so obvious and Mario has to take a chance by touching it. Once he knows the difference he goes threw the stage easily. He gets temporary or permanent tools he can uses to clear the stages. While he is in each stage he gets to go to Bonus stage but he has to find it.There are some stages that puts Mario in a loop and he has to find a way to get out of it. Mario also has time ticking on him to complete the stage.If the time is up Mario has to start all over again. At the end of each stage he has to try and jump as high as possible and then let go to reach the highest point of the pole. At the end of a few stages he goes to a new world. There is something else that makes the worlds exciting there are some stages that have secret ways to reach higher worlds without passing them. The whole idea of the game is to pass threw the stages and learn the best way to pass them.

You see life is also like this game. We learn to live relationships every single day of our life we do things we get better everyday at the ones we have already done, but we still try to better them as we go along. The people we touch with love bring in happiness to life and if touched with hate bring its consequences, some we take a chance. But once we know we go threw them so easily. Life gives us different tools like Courage, Steadfastness, Wealth etc. some of them are permanent and some temporary to live this life. While we live we do get opportunities which are our bonus stage. There are others that put us in a loop and don’t let us progress. We too have a time limit called death if we waste a lot of time then we will have to come back to start all over again. At the end we all have to strive for the best and let go. As we go ahead in this game of life we struggle to go to newer stages with excitement. The secret ways of life we learn which helps us leap to a different world. The whole idea of Life is to try and discover new things and then learn to master them.




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