Whatsapp on iPad

How to get whatsapp on iPad wifi or 3g both?

This is and amazing thing, as you know whatsapp always verifies the hardware during verification.
So what we are going to do is trick whatsapp to believe that our iPad is a mobile phone. For that you will need
Cydia. You don’t have to jailbreak to have Cydia. You can search the web “How to install Cydia without jailbreak?”, Lots of tutorials are available. So once you have Cydia installed on your iPad your are ready for the magic.
Follow the steps below and you will have whatsapp on iPad.

1. Go to Cydia and download Whatspad app from ModMyi and install it. (This app makes the verification process believe that the iPad is a mobile phone.)
2. Use installous or AppCake to download Whatsapp and install it. (if you can download from appstore thats ok too. But in usual circumstances the appstore doesn’t even show Whatsapp when you search in the appstore. )
Installous or AppCake are available on Cydia and all of them are free apps.
3. Put your mobile number to ask for the verification code. Once you receive the 6 digit verification code from whatsapp put it in your iPad and click verify.

Viola! you can now Chat with Whatsapp on iPad.

Enjoy the emoji keyboard to send friends smiles, hugs and hearts to all your friends and family.

Happy Whatsapping!

How to install AppCake from Cydia?

1. Add http://cydia.iphonecake.com source to Cydia and then search for AppCake Download and install it.





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