Raksha Bandhan

Why Hindus celebrate Raksha Bandhan?

Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is one of the most loving and caring festival in India. The literal translation of Raksha Bandhan means “Protection Bond“. This day usually comes in the month of August on a full Moon day. It’s a day for the siblings; you can also call it the “Siblings Day”. On this day the sister ties a thread blessed by Divine Energy on the wrist of her brother and promises to love and care for him, in return the brother promises to LoveCare and Protect his sister.

There are other practical reasons to do this, in olden days once the daughter got married and left to live in her husband’s house there was no reason for the parents or her immediate family to visit her. Raksha Bandhan gave a reason and an occasion for the direct family, the brother to go to the sister’s house to renew his love, care and bonding with his sister. This also meant he would be able to know and help his sister in anyway.

In this high tech world it has become even more important, especially after we get married. Somehow everyone is living a life of their own and don’t have much time for even the immediate family. Some siblings don’t meet each other for many many years. Raksha Bandhan gives a reason for all the siblings to meet and rejuvenate their love and care for each other.






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