Postpartum Care After childbirth care

The Delivery of a Baby is the most painful and difficult part of a woman’s life. In some cultures it is believed that a woman goes through major emotional and physical changes thrice in her life, first is marriage – when she has to leave all her loved ones to adapt a new family, second when she is pregnant and gives birth to a child and the third when she goes through menopause.

So child birth and postpartum is a very important part and needs to be handled with care.

1. Keeping the body warm – is very important as it helps the breast milk to be warm for the baby; it also helps clean the uterus thoroughly and ensures that the mother doesn’t suffer rheumatism pains in future.

2. 40 days of confinement period- It usually takes 9 months for the mother to gain 10-18 kgs of weight during pregnancy. This weight is gained very slowly and so the backbone has the time to shape itself according to the extra weight. But postpartum 80% of the weight is lost the first day. So a 40 day rest is a way to help the backbone change its shape according to the new weight. Rest doesn’t mean bed rest it means no going up and down the stairs this act puts great pressure on the backbone, sitting with a backrest while feeding the baby. These 40 days are good for recovering from postpartum and bonding with the baby. Another point to be noted is not carrying heavy stuff for at least 3 months this not only puts pressure on the Backbone it also puts downward pressure on the uterus. Keeping the uterus healthy is very important especial if the woman is going to have more kids.

3. Food car – , Eating butter, sesame oil, olive oil, helps lubricate the joints and nourishes the backbone. Eating every 2-3 hrs and some believe Cumin seeds (Jeera)  increases the production of milk for new mothers, drinking maximum of 1 liter of water ensures the breast milk is not too thin and can satisfy the babies hunger.

4. Eye Care – Remmber not to use your eyes for reading and other activities that strain the eye. The body needs rest because of the giving birth strain and this weakens the eyes.



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