Life is Surfing in an ocean


“Life is Surfing in an ocean and our purpose is to learn to be the best in it.”

There are 4 kinds of people in this world. The ones that know to swim and enjoy the ocean, but are careful and dip their head so the wave can pass over them. The other set of people are the ones who are trying to swim but can’t keep their heads above the water. Then the third set of people are, who are waiting at the beach, they get hit by the waves and get uncomfortable but won’t go to the water because of their fear. Finally, the fourth set of people are those who enter the water enjoy it and they also know how to surf so they look for the waves and use their surfing pads to surf and feel the Adrenalin in the spine.
Consider this example as life is and people living in them are behavinglife is
The first set of people are those that live their lives enjoy it but still get affected when the waves which they consider problems and troubles come in their life. They dip their heads low and bring them up back when the problems have passed.
The second set of people live life but they are most of the time depressed and unhappy cause they haven’t learnt the trick or don’t think they can keep themselves afloat.
The third set of people are the ones who live avoiding life and ignoring the fact that life is to live. They just stay on the sideline keeping themselves in a shield so life can’t touch them but now and then the waves which are problems do come and they get uncomfortable with them.
The fourth set of people are the ones who have the best of all. They not only keep themselves happy but also consider the problems and troubles in life as Challenges in their life and consider that these challenges will help them to take a leap in their life. They use their will power and emotions as surfing pads to reach Happiness, Success and Prosperity and use the power and energy of the so called problems in their life with ease.




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